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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 26, 2010 6:00pm-6:09pm EST

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arrest of three people. nicole carusso, roamy boggier. all face animal cruelty charges. some friends and neighbors are defending them. >> they took her dogs for no reason. she did not fight these dogs. >> i never heard them fighting. never. >> the suspects also had, and this is extremely alarming to us, a large quantity of veterinarian-type medication, pills, steroids. >> reporter: the police chief says the evidence is strong. and those arrested were feuding with rival members. >> they started fighting. and there were violent attacks against one another. >> the owner must show certification that the animals are up to date on their rabies vaccine. and obtain licenses which he did. >> reporter: one woman doesn't not believe he was dangerous.
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even claiming that the treadmill used for training was not for the dogs. >> she's not hippy, chubby like me. and she got the running mill for that. >> reporter: animal control has not decided yet whether the three animals in their custody need to be put down. >> they are responding well to the contact of the few people who can see them. >> reporter: animal control also told us it did not appear the dogs had been fought for several weeks. police also found blood on some of the walls inside that home. reporting live from baltimore county police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, mike. thank you. >> police say the arrests are not gang-related. their investigation into this case started last november. >> reporter: tragedy on the tracks, two metro employees are truck and killed near a metro station in montgomery county. mary joins us with how it happened. >> reporter: it comes in a year
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feeled with trouble. as they taught employees there better track safety. >> reporter: the metro crew was on an overnight repair job, installing new equipment on the tracks when something went wrong. at 1:45 a.m., two workers were struck by a high-rail vehicle. it's a large truck, equipped with special wheels that allow it to drive on the track when the electricity is turned off. one of the workers was pronounced dead at the scene. the other died at the hospital. >> it's a very, very sad day for us all. >> reporter: the fatal accident, just a latest in a series of incidents that have plagued the metro in the last year. in june, nine people were killed. dozens injured. the deadliest incident in the rail system's 34-year history. that accident, like today's, happened on the metro's red line, a busy commuting corridor. the ntsb sent a crash team immediately as service was interrupted for hours. >> the two employees killed
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were identified late today. they were 49-year-old jeff gerard. and 68-year-old sung oh. both lived in baltimore county. back to you. >> current law prohibits the federal government from imposing safety standards on subways. light rail and urban train systems. we have breaking news. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene with more. >> reporter: we are at caton avenue. and joe avenue. this is just south of i-95 on caton avenue. apparently a two-vehicle accident. a head-on or near head-on. as you can see, several people have been injured. they're laying outside the roadway, waiting for an ambulance to arrive from the city. it's not clear what caused this accident. but city policer the scene. they are directing traffic. they have a portion of joe avenue closed. but one lane gets by southbound on caton avenue. as police continue their investigation. back to you on tv hill. we want to update also for you, some breaking news from
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last hour. a man is assaulted, walking near a busy light rail stop. kai is live in the newsroom with are in on what happened. kai? >> reporter: vic, it happened a short time ago, near washington light rail stop on smith avenue. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene as police responded to this spent. police say the man was walking on a light rail station when he was attacked by two men. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. the two suspects were at large. because the attacks happened near a light rail stop, mta police are handling this investigation. >> police are checking security video at the stop for possible clues. cleanup continues tonight for several maryland communities. following coastal flooding. damaging high winds and heavy rains. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk have more on how coastal flooding actually occurs. but we begin with weijia jiang, in baltimore county, with more on the cleanup. >> reporter: good evening to you, and good evening to everyone. well, much of miller's island right now looks just as it does behind me. large sections of standing
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water that you can imagine would be tricky to walk through or drive through. well, imagine if this was inside of your home. that's exactly what we saw all day. >> everybody gets used to it. >> reporter: after living on miller's island for three decades. >> every six to seven years, you get one. >> reporter: can show you exactly how to survive. the inevitable headaches that stir up after a storm. >> if you live down here, you gotta expect it. and you have to be ready for it. >> there is extensive flooding. >> reporter: as usual, the island took the brunt of the pounding, heavy rain and wind pounded out across maryland. >> you know the road is only one way in, one way out. >> reporter: it would be several hours before the water started to recede. >> reporter: and even now, street sweepers and drivers are forced to swerve around huge puddles. patience is key. >> you just come back and pick up the pees.
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>> reporter: while some homeowners are still pumping water out of their garage, others are drying out. >> i just started mopping up water. and the dirt is just unbelievable. >> reporter: unlike most of her neighbors, monday's severe downpour was a first for jackie myers. >> i didn't sleep last night. because i knew what i was going to come down to this morning. thousands across the state feel her pain. and carroll county turned into a river. even charm city's crown jewel became a victim. >> looks like hurricane katrina right now. >> but there is a reminder for all. >> here's where hurricane isabel came. >> it could always be worse. they say they are used to dealing with massive amounts of water, but not this time of year. they say they are in a rush to get it out of their house before everything freezes over. >> and light precipitation moved through the area today. first warning weather coverage continues now with meteorologist bernadette woods
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and bob turk. bob? >> and you did see some flurries this afternoon. not much, but a few spots. right now, a few flurries going up around the mountain areas. doesn't look like they're going to make it over the hills this time. although this afternoon, we did see a few brief little flurries and light sprinkles around the area. temperatures were both freezing. it's not really an issue. temperatures have dropped considerably since yesterday. right now, we're 18 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. actually got up to 66 yesterday. only 44 this afternoon. looks like it's going to get even colder. bernadette has a look at what is coming this way for the end of the week. bernadette? >> this is just one step in the cold direction this. is another wave coming later this week that's going to make it feel more like it it did in the beginning of this month. that's going to come in behind a cold front that will pass through on thursday. we'll really feel the differences friday into the weekend. at the same time, there could be a little more coming in just the cold air. we have the chance for snow this weekend. now, revisiting what happened
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yesterday, briefly. the coastal flood advisories. and the coastal flooding has gone down. we are still seeing some river stream and creek flooding. a little more upstream. that's where there is 2 to 3 inches of rain. it will take time for that to subside. things are improving on that front. we'll have a full forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank you, bernadette and bob. wjz is always on. you can check in for first warning weather coverage. for updates on the forecast and live doppler radar any time, log onto hundreds of baltimore city students face changes to their daily school routines. just a short time ago, the city's school ceo announces a major shakeup, including the closures of more schools. wjz is live at headquarters in east baltimore. derek valcourt has more on the changes in tonight's school watch report. it's a sweeping plan that the school board is introducing tonight. and it has an impact on anyone in or about to go into middle school.
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>> reporter: as school let out, news spread out that winston middle school is one of four middle schools, slated for closing next year. >> the teacher just came out and told me just now. >> what's your reaction. >> i'm upset. a good school, a beautiful school. inside and out. it's beautiful. and you are closing the school for what purpose? >> school officials pointed to students. now thanks to city wide restructuring, 220 go there. similar stories with all


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